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CLASSES FOR JUNE, JULY & AUGUST 2023 University Freshman Program

Class meets once a week for 3 hours.
Includes training & private instruction
which meets once a week for 2 hours.

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"I was a nervous squirrel until I took Angel's Rhythm Therapy Workshop!" David Henry Gotler

Rhythm Therapy Workshops
Rhythm has been found to be an  impressively therapeutic regimen for stress and anxiety. These workshops may help to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Rhythm has been used to relieve stress for thousands of years. The body's natural state is enhanced by playing a rhythm for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. This practice has been known to sooth the body and calm the mind, bringing relaxation and a peaceful state of being. All drums, blindfolds and class materials will be provided by the instructor for no extra cost.

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"Paws Music Academy is the Best Latin music school west of the Mississippi!" - L.A. Times Magazine

Latin Percussion
This program covers the the folkloric, (e.g., rumba & palo) and secular/pop, (e.g., cumbia, salsa & Latin rock) realms.

The Latin Percussion classes are clear and concise. The student can expect to know how to play the parts of the rhythm, its cultural setting and intention, the names of the parts of the rhythm, as well as, the tempo, time signature and approximate bpm.

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"The best Advanced Latin Percussion class ever!" Joshua Bojarski

Advanced Latin Percussion
A training program that expands the student's knowledge and abilities in the religious, folkloric and secular pedagogies.

The Advanced Latin Percussion training program takes patience, perseverance, dedication and a profound respect for the societal norms of people from other cultures. Some of the students that have taken this course have gone on to play with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Boston Pops, the BBC Symphony, on Broadway, Pink, Maxwell, Brian McKnight, Shawn Rivera and many more.

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The Paws Music Academy Afro-Caribbean Ensemble 2014

Afro-Caribbean Ensemble (ACE)
ACE is a Latin ensemble with a folkloric music foundation, e.g., Arará, rumba, changuí, plena and bomba.

The Afro-Caribbean Ensemble has been around since the founding of Paws Music Academy on December 29, 1999.
The harmonic arrangements are performed by the bass and piano players, while the conga, bongo & timbale players create the groove. The lead singer and back ground vocalists establish the song themes, and the trumpet and violin players create the melodic scaffolding. This ensemble is on fire!

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Recording Studio Workshops have been gaining popularity as of late. 

Recording Studio Program
Participants will learn the details and techniques of the recording process.

The recording studio is a vast jungle of wires, cables, electronic gear, audio equipment, instruments, computers and characters. To navigate this treacherous
environment each musician must learn studio etiquette, proper mic technique, basic mixing tactics, mastering principles and a slew of computer programs that facilitate it all. Coming just short of being a music production class, this workshop prepares the student for work as a recording musician in the music industry.

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Angel Luís & Thaddeus Gallizzi play batá!

Afro-Cuban Batá Drums of Santería 
The batá drums employ poly meter to create the scaffolding upon which multiple time signatures are played simultaneously. This class is a must do! 

Batá drumming requires 3 drummers. The rhythms of the batá are as mesmerizing as they are dense with information. The batá are religious drums that originated in Nigeria. Practice on these drums gives the player a strong sense of confidence and experience playing poly meter.

The most recent arrival batá drummer is called the Yamboki. The advanced players join together to help the yamboki with the many of rhythms, principles, ideas and actions every Yamboki will need to learn to play batá. This camaraderie and drum culture should be experienced by everyone who wishes to learn to play any musical instrument.

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Private Instruction on par with the best in the industry.

Private Instruction is available upon request and is subject to instructor availability.

Apprenticeships are auditioned throughout the year and run from one to three years in length.

Paws Music Academy Pledge

Paws Music Academy instructors pride ourselves on elevating our students. We supply all class materials specific to each class for free. The Paws Music Academy is a safe space and an excellent learning environment. We'll also provide our instruments free of rental fees and we'll charge you nothing for extras like parking, instrument repairs and equipment fixes.

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