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This issue is one that haunts even the best of us. Remember, every hour that is missed is an hour we will need to make up.

It usually takes about 5 weeks to begin to see your progress on most instruments. Here your patience is a necessity AND a blessing.

Most students that own their own instrument would confess to leaving their ax at home from time to time, lucky for them we house all of the instruments needed to learn to play Latin music!

The reason we teach mostly Cuban genres is basically because Cuba was simply the most intensely active slave trading post of the Latin Americas. As it turned out, this activity gave birth to some of the most profound Afro-centric music of the region.

An impressive knowledge of Latin music and its myriad genres. The ability to play the instrument they chose to learn. A clear understanding of the cultural aspects of the music. And the knowledge that comes with a dynamic and inspiring teacher student relationship.

Academy enrollment takes place year round. You can even audit classes to see what you like before honing in on your program of choice.

Paws Music Academy Pledge

Paws Music Academy instructors pride ourselves on elevating our students. We supply all class materials specific to each class for free. The Paws Music Academy is a safe space and an excellent learning environment. We'll also provide our instruments free of rental fees and we'll charge you nothing for extras like parking, instrument repairs and equipment fixes.

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