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Though our instructors have their own teaching styles, they're all experts in Paws Music Academy modular class instruction.

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Angel Luís Figueroa bongo solo with the Herbie Hancock Band in Osaka, Japan.

Angel Luís Figueroa
Osaka, Japan

Angel Luís takes a bongo solo and wows the audience with show stopping antics and audience participation. A true master of his craft, Angel Luís is the Director and Artist-in-Residence at the Paws Music Academy in Mid City Los Angeles.

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Our classes are standardized and are taught with the same modular instruction template throughout our entire curriculum.

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Angel Luís Figueroa
Manila, Philippines

Angel Luís Figueroa plays on the A-Kuh-stick Cafe TV
variety show featuring the Kuh Ledesma Band.


A source for Cuban Folkloric Dance Form Performances at the United States Library of Congress.

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Paws Music Academy instructors pride ourselves on elevating our students. We supply all class materials specific to each class for free. The Paws Music Academy is a safe space and an excellent learning environment. We'll also provide our instruments free of rental fees and we'll charge you nothing for extras like parking, instrument repairs and equipment fixes.

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