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Paws Music After School Programs

After School Programs - Ages 10-18
These programs require a 2 hour minimum class time allotment.

Our After School Latin Percussion program is a very successful component of the Paws Music Academy legacy. The list of classes and schools is 23 years long and the program is still going strong! We bring djembes, congas, bongos and even batá drums to engage kids in their own element. These workshops have a high success rate using discipline, perseverance and respect for teachers and peers. 

Batá & Cantos
Batá & Cantos - Lecture/Demo/Show
Lectures - Presentations to universities and colleges have long been a staple of the Paws Music Academy legacy.

Los Tres Caballeros
These three batá toting gentlemen will brighten your evening, wether it's a university presentation, music festival or your wedding. The fun begins when the drummers arrive...

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Shekeré workshops are all the rage in Mid City Los Angeles!

Shekeré Building Workshop 
An instrument building workshop that teaches the culture and instruments of
the güíro ceremony in Santería. 

Ashley Ann, one of the most successful shekeré makers out of our workshop says, "this workshop is truly an experience that helps channel intention, purpose, positivity and love into what you are making...the beauty of the drum is the positivity which you put into every bead." The workshop is 3 hours long and all materials will be provided. 

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Purchase your shekeré set today!

Set of 3 Shekerés w/Cases: $555
These shekerés are gorgeous and waiting to find a new home.

Our shekerés are made with the best string and beads available. Your shekeré will arrive in beautiful cases made from leather and cloth. You can design your own shekerés using the color pallet of the Orishas of Santería or you can make up your own color scheme to reflect your personality. All of our shekerés are build to your specifications.

Paws Music Academy Pledge

The Paws Music Online Academy is a safe space and an excellent learning environment. Our faculty pride themselves on elevating their students with a proper dress code, positive vernacular and an uplifting demeanor. All instructors will be kind, courteous, respectful and dedicated to your musical progress.

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