Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to learn an instrument?
    This question is as old as time. Mostly, if you practice and smile a lot while you play...about a year or so.
  • How many different instruments can I learn at Paws Music Academy?
    Our academy is built around the best musician/teachers in the industry.
  • Where is the Paws Music Academy located? We're located in Mid City Los Angeles (See address below).
  • How long will my class take?
    Academy classes can be as short as 1 hour and as long as 3 hours.
  • Do I need to read charts for the songs I play in the ensemble?
    Yes. It always helps if you already read charts. But, if you don't, you will learn how to read charts in the ensemble. 
  • What is studio etiquette?
    Studio etiquette has to do with how you act while you are in the recording or academy studio. This is a very different environment than that of any other place you'll go. Talking is usually frowned on and clowning around is like burning your cash in a trash can.

Paws Music Academy Pledge

Paws Music Academy instructors pride ourselves on elevating our students. We supply all class materials specific to each class for free. The Paws Music Academy is a safe space and an excellent learning environment. We'll also provide our instruments free of rental fees and we'll charge you nothing for extras like parking, instrument repairs and equipment fixes.

Location: 5268 W. Pico Blvd. LA. CA 90019
Text: (818) 810-PAWS (7297)
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